Printed Matter (updating)

Swedish Garden (night)

Silkscreen in 5 colours, Somerset Velvet Black paper 200gsm

Image size 36.5x27cm, paper size 38x57cm

Edition of 11


Window Concerto 

Silkscreen in 6 colours, Somerset Waterford Paper 638gsm, 57x38cm

Edition of 16





















Poem 91

A series of 5 drypoint prints and a poem printed by letterpress 

Collaboration with poet Johnathan Locke Hart

edition 10+1AP



Series of 24 unique edition

Silk screen printed in 4 colours, hand painted with mix medium






















Serenade of the woods(detail)

Photo etching x chine-colle x gold leaf dedicated to the box set project of Royal Society of Painter-printmakers. 


















Urban Dream (Crônin)


 A series of photographs along with a short film  made in a then the third biggest industrial city in Europe back in 18th century. Famous for iron and coal mining, CHARLEROI in Belgiumwhereas now its giant iron mining factory has been shut down for decades...

Crônin--a figure from a local myth from the city's past history, was a formless beast living underground in the mine galleries. The creature will be used in my new short film project as the symbol of the natural beings... 



















Seeing is believing(detail) 

Lithography and screen print 

Part of Royal College of Art box set project.
















cancellation (detail)

screen printing on paper in four blacks


235x150cm (6 panels)




















Crowd cut-out figures from news


Untitled,50x60cm,etching on copperplate,2013
Untitled,50x60cm,etching on copperplate,2013

Untitled, Etching on Copper plate,30x30cm
Untitled, Etching on Copper plate,30x30cm

The seeable makes me blind, Screen Print 8 colours(CMYK+4blacks)2014
The seeable makes me blind, Screen Print 8 colours(CMYK+4blacks)2014

Traces, is a series of experimental works consisting of digital print on silk , needle stitching and light box. 

various sizes between 40x50cm to 50x60cm.

Constructied and installed in Beijing,, 2013

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