(Dreamers Awake)

2016 - Present

Multi HD video (Audio included), 19'30''

SIze: Variable



"Without any preference and restriction, I've invited about 30 of my friends to be my model in this project,  they will pick a space where they felt most relaxed and I'll leave them to do whatever they want to do with one condition, no electronics nor books. 

The only part I'm involving in this piece is to turn on the camera, after setting it up I'll leave the space without telling the model when I'll be back, normally I will let them hang around for 30-40 minutes before I come back for the video.

In the average time of about 15 minutes in, you will find them slowly drown into their mind, entering a state of non-substantiality emptiness where they exist, but selfless at the same time. They become what Russian Philosopher and Literary Critic Mikhail Bakhtin described as "I for me; I for you; I for others". 

when all the noises and distractions are removed from our heads, what will make us fear and desperate?"