Transient Triptych 


Stereophonic; HD Video 5'30'' 3 Synchronized Monitor on Repeat

Location Shooting: Chile, England, France

Artist's internal shot by capsule camera in2017 (Luoyang Central Hospital)

Shooting: Jeroen van Dooren I Cutting: Guan Jingheng I  Sounding: Wu Zhe



It took two years to finish the shooting for《Transient》 Triptych, capturing the moment during the stay in Europe and South Africa, we are able to present the video in a third-person point of view through post-production, watching the artist herself slowing walk into the camera frame, closer and closer until it eventually going into and through the artist's body   (where you could sense the past and the future in Hinduism), leaving the original landscape as its natural form then repeat.



An interview with curator Iris Long on 《Transient》Triptych was recently published on 798 Art :

"...I have always been interested in how religions and philosophy explained the body of their mind, for example, ancient Greek philosopher believe only those thoughts that reach the state of the ideal are everlasting, consciousness determents the world, therefore they don't have a term in their language representing the concept of 'new' and 'old', because to them, only the ideals will exist and or the others will fall apart eventually. Another example will be how the interior and exterior of our body representing different meanings in terms of sociobiology, our outer parts included our skins, faces, etc. are representing the short-lived and the delusion of life, and the inner parts are able to observe the past and future, the organs are even treated as an 'I-maker', a generator of concepts and thoughts.

The inner parts of our body had been with us since we were born, but we never really have a chance to get to know it better, in other words, by looking through the machines and the lenses, we are almost forced to see ourselves in a very objective way. It's quite a crucial thing to face and admit how vulnerable our body actually is, one of my friend from Scotland who hunts a lot used to tell me, every time you start to slaughter your prey and cutting them apart, just at the moment where you clean off  the organs there will always be a realization that every living being are the same, we often wanted to think that we are in control everything, but at the end we couldn't even face our own vulnerability."