Serenade of the Woods, 2018

Audiovisual project made in collaboration with James Wilkie

Currently showing at 

Visions in the Nunnery -Program 2

01 Nov-25th Nov. 2018



"Serenade of the Woods" is an Audio Visual piece that examines the movement of plants and transforms their motion in music. Algorithms process the movement of the plants swaying in the breeze - the stronger and more frequent the movement, the more the algorithm unlocks notes of a secret melody for the plant to play. The project investigates the pulse of nature by visualising the invisible, intangible and inaudible into an immersive piece of art. By using computer coding programs, the project invites audiences to rediscover the beauty of nature surrounding us in the everyday by experiencing what can not be seen and heard by our bare eyes and ears but made possible in the digital age.

The project will be displayed as a multi-screen  installation in an exhibition space. Each screen will be connected to an individual speaker playing corresponding melodies delivered by different instruments, which are chosen to visualize the forms of plants. The entire music notes are ‘composed’ purely by the movements of the plants swaying in breeze and will be played by real orchestra in a sound recording unit.