Current Project

Shanghai- 8th November 2019 - 19th Jan 2020   LATENT SPECTATORS - UNart Centre (Shanghai) x V2_Lab (Rotterdam)


 Serenade of the Woods, 2018-now,  A Collaboration with sound artist James Wilkie


“Serenade of the Woods" explores and deduce the boundaries and possibilities between contemporary technology and naturalism, and uses the objectivity of computer algorithms  to dissolve the binary opposition between technology and nature, so to restore a kind of oriental uniformity (QI WU theory,  Chuangtsu).  Through the analysis of computer data, the rhythm of plants in the breeze is read, and “resonated” into musical scores. By applying  French composer Olivier Messiaen’s system called Modes of limited transposition, which was inspired by the oriental music and natural birds song, the video clips are digitized then analysed by computer algorithms. Algorithms process the movement of the plants swaying in the breeze - the stronger and more frequent the movement, the more the algorithm unlocks notes of a secret melody for the plant to play. Each plant is given a musical instrument that corresponds to the synesthetic form of sound referred to the relationship between visual forms and sounds explained by Wassily Kandinsky in "Point and Line to Plane" as scientific experiments. “Serenade of the Woods" reverses this audiovisual synesthesia  to create a symphony of various instruments. The musical scripts written by nature are then played by human performers as live performance as well as audiovisual installation.



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