Current Project

 Serenade of the Woods, 2018-now,  A Collaboration with sound artist James Wilkie


Serenade of the Woods was initially inspired by Swedish autumn woodlands while artist Lisa Chang Lee made her visit in 2015.

Uttersberg, the place is called. Surrounded by diverse forests and lakes, the quietness helps one discover the heart beats, thousands kinds of sounds made by insects crawling through the grass, streams running behind the wooden sheds as well as drops of morning dew. And there you see golden leaves of baby poplars twinkling in breeze amids the ocean of old pines, as if they are composing silent songs for eternity and the fascinating creation of the universe.

In this project collaborated with sound artist James Wilkie, the machine is used as a tool to reveal and uncover the rythms of nature beyond our sensations. We raised the question whether the idea of machine has to be inhuman and anti-nature or whether it can be used as a tool of approaching nature, which, on reflection to Eastern philosophy, is to become a natural part of the original order. The way to discover that orignal order is to turn to nature.



About the project:

This is an Audio Visual piece that examines the movement of plants and transforms their motion in music. Algorithms process the movement of the plants swaying in the breeze - the stronger and more frequent the movement, the more the algorithm unlocks notes of a secret melody for the plant to play.

The project is designed to be displayed as a multi-screen moving image and sound installation in an exhibition space. Each screen will be connected to an individual speaker playing corresponding melodies delivered by different instruments. The choices of specific instruments are based on the artist's synesthetic response to the forms of plants. The entire music notes are ‘composed’ purely by the movements of the plants swaying in breeze .