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HD video, single channel , 15'35'', 2017 

News -


Nominated as shortlisted artist of Dentons Art Prize 2017


Upcoming Exhibition:


Dec. 2017 --BI-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, Shenzhen, China  


Recent Exhibitions-

The Staged Club, Hongkun Art Museum, Beijing, China, Nov. 2017

Indeterminate Loop, Lisa Chang Lee Solo Exhibition,  Ginkgo Space,  Beijing, China,8th June. 2017

London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy of Art, London, UK, 2017

RE Original Prints, Bankside Gallery, London, UK, 2017

I Can't Do More Than I Do 无以复加, Ginkgo Space,  Beijing, China, Dec  2016

The Pond , 4-color  screen print, mix-medium, 2016 (still image)-

Poem 91, a collaboration with Prof.  Jonathan Hart, 2015 (publication)-

 in The Masters exhibition in Bankside Gallery, Opening 7th Nov.2016- RE Prize Winner